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We have experience in robotics field since 2013, We created many Robotics projects like RemoRobo and RoboHospital , as we use very cheap materials and electronics to achieve the goal with optimized resources.we also offer many other types of services like web control for hardware and automation solutions

We use ready-made toys and robots to develop applications, Integrate AI and cloud computing to make our robotics smarter. We create our own robots as well. overall, all our robots are opensource and open hardware, which means you can change and upgrade it, we offer support and training for robotics in Arabic and English languages. we offer also integration between middle eastern countries and worldwide.

We have teamwork from many countries, we welcome a new members to join us as partner or as hardware/software developers and designers. To be one of our team, you can send us your email and what you can offer us from contactus page.

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Reema Oqla Abukhait

Founder & CEO

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Tareq Gamal


Welcome to ArabicRobotics website, I Hope you learn from Website and from our projects much information, Our projects are all free and open source, you are welcome to contact me anytime.

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