Control Arduino Servo By KinectV2 Using C#

Source code contains 4 projects:

  • Arduino project (includes the way Arduino handles the commands and servo, led control)
  • dllArduinoConnection: This is a library you can use to control Arduino by C#
  • MotorController: This is a DLL. You can use it alone for controlling your KinectV2 by Windows Forms application.
  • WinKinectControl: This program Windows Forms application to see all works together.

and more projects for making sure that everything is working fine:

  • Microsoft demo for kinectV2 as example (from KinectV2 SDK)

This simple programs allow you to:

  • Control your Arduino device using Kinectv2 .NET environment.
  • It is useful for controlling Arduino using C#.
  • Control Arduino using Microsoft Kinect Device V2.

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