WowWee – RS-Media-Intoduction

Itroduction :


RS media is one of the most enhanced humanoid robots released by WowWee robotics ,

Here I will describe how to program it using java, Hack the RS-Media

lets first list RS-Media featurs :

RS-Media can :


set down , stand up

lay down on the floor,1280x720-Una
very stable on the floor because it stand on 6*D battery (3 on every feet)

Media Features:

this robot can see , play voice by sterio mood (speaker on each hand)
sterio on his back
also have screen on the chest.

have lights on his face.
Sensors :
RS-Media have sensors on his hands , legs
Camera :

it can see , know colors ,record pictures /video

RS-Media can be operated also using 7-v jac on his feet ,
but for this option (the walking will be disabled)

All of the above well known for all persons who buy it.

so here we will show you the Modifecations and programming for Developers ,

for Developers , you can easly operate it using java only because it have unix operating system ,SD-Card.


you can get any RS-Media from amazon you choose , I will give you the page for list of RS-Media to get any :

Amazon link (open in new Tab)

I will describe how to program it With java you can see post :

Operate RS-Media by Java

for hacking RS-Media with usb and bluetooth you can see post:

RS-Media hack with USB