RemoRobo Robotics System

Autonomous Robotics System , Platform independent. Free to use.Compatible with any cloud Service like RemoHospital System

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Main Features

  • Never Hang
  • Cloud Aware
  • Hardware independent
  • Platform independent
  • Multi User Interface
  • Personalization
  • Peer to Peer sharing
  • Follow up requests
  • Categorize and prioritize events
  • Object, Voice Recognition
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How it Works

RemoRobo is based on set of technologies and tricks working together to produce the complete system.

NAOqi OS from Aldebaran robotics -Free version-

Aldebaran NAOqi: Robotics OS we used to integrate RemoRobo with Aldebaran Robotics (NAO/ Pepper or Romeo )
It is optional , but if you want to use RemoRobo with Aldebaran Robots , then you should use it.

OpenCV software- Image recognition and fall down detector

OpenCV: OpenCV is a free , Open Source tool we use to recognize the health status for person like in case of he fall down using the Camera. by compare frames.

Project Managemet -Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker: Project online Managemet tool , We use the free plan to manage our projects
It is optional, you ignore can go ahead and just code.

Visual studio code -IDE

Visual Studio Code: Known as Code is the IDE we use in development because it is free and have cross platform which is required to develop the applications working in Robots and computers.

MVC model -RoboHospital integration

MVC: Model-view-controller
We use it in the server components which work with ASP.NET like RoboHospital System.

JSON - Data Exchange with other systems and services

JSON: JavaScript Object Notation.
This is required to exchange data between RemoRobo and a server/Host-Computer , also it save the configuration files in the robot.

Python - Robotics Programming language

Python: Python Programming Language is the best fit with RemoRobo requirements to make it work with linux and windows also in Robot as well.
"It is recommended if you need to implement the code in NAOqi robots as well"

Sphinx - Robotics source code Documentation tool

Sphinx: Sphinx for python is the main Documentation tool for RemoRobo code side by side with code documentation in the classes and methods.

.NET Core - Server side programming to manage APIs

.NET Core: .NET Core is the main way to comunicate with server services in case of interacting with server side services like APIs , one of the best examples is the Call Ambulance and interact with any service which use JSON data.

git -source code management tool

Git: We Use Git for source code and source control , versions . you are welcome to contribute with us to develop and learn from your input, share knowledge with other developers.

Ubuntu as Robotics OS

Ubuntu : The free linux OS Ubuntu is used to host the robotics application . Also many open source applications and code are available for it . In addition it is compatiple with most of the robotics hardware.
But you can use your favorite OS.

RemoRobo Loves RoboHospital !

  • Remind you for medicine
  • Monitor your health status
  • medical advizer
  • Call Ambulance
  • Follow up Ambulance status
  • Critical situation Detector
  • Status reporting
  • Share status with relatives
  • Voice and Images Exchange with Hospital
  • Execute commands remotely
More about RoboHospital

RemoRobo and RoboHospital are full integrated.

How RemoRobo and RoboHospital works

An example of RemoRobo and RoboHospital integration is in fall down detection RemoRobo does many actions in the same time automatically. RemoRobo notify family members that there is a problem with this person also send picture and location , Call Ambulance ,RoboHospital will Check his insurance profile to detect the nearist hospital possible ,Send his profile to that hospital , Follow it's instruction as possible. For the meanwhile RoboHospital follow up the position of ambulance car and send updates to user and family members.

RemoRobo System on NAO robot

RemoRobo System on NAO Robot
mood switch

Middle button on the head used to switch between User execution mood and Debugging mode :
Debugging mood: RemoRobo will inform you for everything it does and inform you by all leds and foot bumpers .
Live moodIgnore the notifications which not related to the user and alerts for none critical errors nested of that , most information will be by Application bumper and leds


Recognition :
Facial Recognition RemoRobot can recognize you , all your family members , also deal with each of you individually according to the situation,
Object recognitionRemoRobo can detect objects and deal with them , Check Remorobo-RoboHospital integration as well.


Announcement (Eyes Leds ):
currently eyes leds is the main user interface language before talking and while interacting with user. It welcome you in startup , Flash when receive a command from you. Also. Lights Types:
White : Idel mood.
One time on green Okay / confirm, then back to idle mood. warning , Error: not yet implemented.


Speackers and loading leds :
Speacers: RemoRobo using speakers to inform you for the result of the current command or give you advice for current activity. According to the event level it may use the seekers or only leds in the foots.
Loading leds (ear leds ) used to notify you that the current request in progress or in the idle mood.

Power Button

Chest Button:
Power button is a special purpose button, used for power on the NAO robot and other Naoqi Operating System operations. For that reasons , RemoRobo avoided using it in Application.

HAND Sensors

Hands Sensors
Hands Sensors is currently not used by RemoRobo system due to the development stage , but in the later versions will be used to interact with user beside legs when Adding more Applications than the currently available.


Application Notifications: Led used to notify user for updates or alert for something. It is used also to get attention to let user know that there is something should know. It divided into four status :
White fading : Idle mood.(default),Yellow feeding: Warning, Red blinking :Error, flashing for one second with green Dismiss:(When press on Application bumper ) then back to Idle mood.


Programming Notifications: RGB Led responsible about programming issues and related events: But it used for development errors or issues related to the core system code or bugs not to the application.
It has four moods colors have moods Colors. Please check colors in point 7 (Application Notifications )


Application bumper Is the main communication with the user in case of any errors , warning or notification happened, RemoRobo can hold notification inside Managed notification program until you push its legs bumper, so RemoRobo will say by speaker any application message if it is still exist. (Usually the led (7) on the right foot will notify you as well)


Programming bumper operation and programming errors , worming and notifications. It will let the RemoRobo tell you if any programming issue or not (Usually used for debugging purpose not for End user), except critical exceptions. (Usually the led on left foot (8) will notify you as well)

autonomous and progress

Sharing Moments

RemoRobo can share your best moments with your family and friends with photos and comments.

Adviser robot

RemoRobo can give you advice for your daily life with updates from internet. also follow up your health life if you connected it to RoboHospital system as well.

Do Practice

RemoRobo can share you your practice and record your achievements , compare it to the previous records also save it in your profile

Update Status

RemoRobo is self updated with latest version of software and AI features also , keep other cloud system updated by your status like RoboHospital for health situation. also Update its knowledge from internet.


RemoRobo is environment aware using object, voice and face recognition, so you can play with it by show it anythings and RemoRobo will tell you what is these things, also it used to recognize your health status in case of emergency.


RemoRobo can send an email for you by voice command , also RemoRobo can read your unread message ,or even Notify you that you received a new email so you can let it read it for you later..

Copy movement

RemoRobo can copy your movement and do it for you again (for now By connecting Kinect to the host computer , the benefit for that is motivation aor later you can automate an activity by letting RemoRobo do it by itself (Currently this feature requires a Robot Hardware and Kinect device )


Integration is one of the keys RemoRobo features , because it allows RemoRobo to be alive and do many activities in the same time , as well as following up remote requests from cloud beside it's automous life activities. , like RoboHospital integration .

Installation Types - All are FREE

Currently installation requires host computer /Microcomputer to keep RemoRobo Robot independent



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